Bespoke Rustic Cottages

Introducing our handcrafted miniature rustic cottage, made from reclaimed wood, brought to you by Bumbles Furnishings. Inspired by French brocantes and English country charm, these charming cottages are the perfect addition to your home or a thoughtful gift for someone special

Each cottage is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, creating a rustic and cosy atmosphere. The cottage comes complete with a little garden, featuring shrubs and flowers, adding a touch of natural beauty to the scene. We also offer the option to personalise your cottage with additional extras such as a bike, bench, or a little wheelbarrow, giving it a unique and personal touch

To make it even more special, we will add the house number and road name to the cottage, making it truly personalised to your liking. All we need is a photo of the front of the house, and I will take care of the rest, ensuring that every detail is captured

Our miniature rustic cottages start at £28 – £35, depending on the extras you choose. They are made from reclaimed wood, giving them a rustic and eco-friendly appeal. These cottages are not only decorative but also serve as a reminder of the beauty of nature and the importance of sustainability

Whether you want to add a touch of rustic charm to your own home or surprise someone with a unique and personalised gift, these miniature rustic cottages are the perfect choice. Place it on a shelf, mantel, or even in your garden to create a whimsical and enchanting atmosphere

Experience the warmth and cosiness of a rustic cottage with our handcrafted miniature version. Order yours today and let us bring the charm of the countryside into your home

Order your cottage:

Please tell me the house number and Street name to be added to the Rustic Cottage

What happens next:

Once I receive this form I will contact you to ask more details and ask you to send an image of the house.  I will then send you a quote with a payment link.  Once payment is received I will make your Rustic Cottage this will normally take a week.